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We help local business leaders get the word out about the important work they're doing to serve their market, their community, and their profession.

We support and celebrate business by sharing positive business stories that traditional media ignores. Some media leans left, Some media leans right. We lean business.

Why You Should Join Us

  • Business RadioX ® is usually the #1 or #2 Google organic search result for “Business Radio” in the markets we serve (goes back and forth between us and Bloomberg depending on Guests each week).

  • As of October 2018, our Alexa Ranking is 326,744. (It’s like golf — the lower, the better.) You can see your own Alexa Ranking and rankings for other media platforms at Alexa.com/siteinfo

  • We’ve captured over 35,000 inspiring and informative interviews with Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Community Leaders — sharing their experience and insight on virtually every business topic from any industry you can imagine.

Our global footprint and commitment to sharing positive business stories equips us to reach millions of interested and engaged listeners who need and want this content to help them grow their business.

Business RadioX ® is highly targeted Pro-Business, Commercial-Free, Earned Media.

We don’t cover politics, sports, religion, or music (unless it relates to business in some meaningful way).

We feature “Long-Form” interviews and in-depth conversations with local Business Leaders — reaching 100% intentional and engaged listeners.

Our Demographics Track Pretty Well With Old Fashioned Business Talk Radio:

  • College Educated

  • Affluent

  • Executives

  • People Who Build New Relationships To Grow Their Business

  • People Who Write Checks To People Like You To Solve Important Problems And Capitalize On New Opportunities

With A Few Major Differences:

  • Our Footprint is Global

  • 100% Of Our Listenership Is Intentional and Engaged

  • Our Interviews Are Real And Conversational — Not Canned Sound Bites Squeezed In Between Traffic Reports And Commercials

  • Our Content Never Goes Away — It’s Not Perishable

  • The Audience For Every Interview Is Always Growing

Why Community?

A community is more than just a group of people living in a particular area. A community is a group of people we lean on when times are tough; our friends, family, and neighbors who are there for us when we need love, support and encouragement. 

That is exactly what we want to achieve with this platform. We want the BRX Community to be a resource for all things business and a repository of the collective and combined experiences so that we can share them with the world.

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